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Minimum Wage System

Criteria for Determination

  • The cost of living of employees, the wage of similar employees, the labor productivity, the distribution of income, etc

Process of minimum wage deliberation and determination

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  1. ① Request for deliberation of minimum sage(by March 31)
  2. ② Plenary session Presentation
    - Refer it to the corresponding Committees
  3. ③ Analysis of basic data for deliberation and Listening to opinions
    • 1. Analysis of basic data for deliberation
      • Wage status analysis
      • Living costs analysis
      • Effect of application on minimum wage analysis
      • Minimum wage system of foreign countries analysis
      • Essential labor economic indiactors analysis
    • 2. Listening to opinions
      - Implementation of field visits or other works
  4. ④ Technical Committee discussion
    • 1. Technical Committee on wage level
      • Review of wage status analysis result
      • Review of effect of application on minimum wage analysis result
      • Review the minimum wage proposal
    • Technical Committee on Living Costs
      • Review of living costs analysis result
      • Review of the cost of living submitted by labor and management organizations
  5. ⑤ Plenary Session
    - deliberation and determination
  6. ⑥ Submit the minimum wage proposal (within 90 days from the date of request for deliberation of the minimum wage)
  7. ⑦ Announce the minimum wage proposal
    ⑦-1 Request for re-deliberation (in case the objection is accepted, within 20days from the date of arrival to the proposed minimum wage proposal)
    Employees and Employers may file a objection(within 10 days from the announcement)
    Where it is difficult to determine the minimum wage in acco-dance with the minimum wage proposal
  8. ⑧ Announce the minimum wage (by August 5)

Reference: 「Minimum Wage Act」 Article 4