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“In a rapidly changing economic environment, we will deliberate on the minimum wage level that the labor and management can afford.” The Minimum Wage Commission is making the best efforts in conducting its tasks in accordance with the legal spirit that ensuring the minimum wage can stabilized the workers' life and improve the quality of work force, ultimately contributing to a sound development of the national economy. As you know, wages are not only the most important factor for stabilization of workers' livelihood, but also greatly affect company management and stable employment.
The minimum wage level decided annually is not only directly affecting the wage decisions of low-wage workers, but also affects the determination of wage levels of entire workforce.
The commission members consisting of the representatives of the labor, the management and the government are exerting full efforts to deliberate the most appropriate level of minimum wages in a way to cope with the rapid changing of labor market, help the labor and the management prosper together and strengthen the fundamental of the national economy. We will continue to strive to ensure that this website can be a very useful place for the people to understand the minimum wage decisions. Thank you. From the Chairman Minimum Wage Commission Park Joon shik